The List of Red Apple Export Companies

The export of red delicious apples has increased so much in recent years that all exporters and buyers are looking to buy and supply these top-quality red apples for their market. The best type of red delicious apples is determined based on the quality, shelf life, harvest area, color, and firmness of the apple, each of which is very important.

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The List of Red Apple Export Companies

Fundamental Steps of Exporting Red Apples

Fundamental Steps of Exporting Red Apples The steps and basic points of apple export are as follows:

1- Selecting the most suitable and safe route to send

2- Paying attention to international export packaging standards

3- Paying attention to the time conditions in product selection

4- Using appropriate means of transportation according to the cargo

5- Observing and analyzing the behavior of competitors in the market, taking into account the profit due to the high level of competition

6- Caring about product storage conditions before sending and inserting information and recipes on the product in English

7- Paying attention to the appearance of the packaging and using attractive ideas in the packaging

8- Avoid sending poor quality and second-class fruits in export

Also, the packaging, which is one of the important items, has important points that should be considered, such as the export packaging of this product should be in such a way that the carton has holes on it or containers for air passage, and also the carton of apples should be appropriate according to the weight of fruits. Also, tree apples should be stacked in such a way that the product will not be damaged by pressure. For this purpose, plastic packaging or boxes are used.

Reputable Bulk Distributor of Red Delicious Apples

Reputable Bulk Distributor of Red Delicious Apples Now that you are familiar with the quality parameters of red delicious apples and the main points of its export to other countries, you have realized that quality products with attractive packaging must only have the chance of successful export, and these important points are taken into account by experienced people who have been in this field for years.

Our export team is proud of providing you with the best red apples in bulk after years of export experience. All our products are offered with excellent quality and reasonable prices to you with attractive packaging. Just visit our website to get today’s price and have a free consultation about your purchase with our expert team. We are waiting for you dear customers.

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