Price of Rose Apples in Iran

The price of rose apples in Iran in general is expressed in important detail in this text, which is very useful to read.

About Persian Rose Apple

The best apples are produced in Iran and exported to the countries . Iran is the sixth largest producer of apples in the world.
This product is very popular in the neighborhood of iran and is one of the best apples in the region. Which comes in various colors of red, yellow, white.
And in appearance some of them are quite round and others are conical. One of the characteristics of these apples is that they are fleshy and firm and their skin is shiny.
It is one of the most popular fruits in the apple market, which is widely consumed.
This fruit is produced 3.7 million tons annually in Iran. Today, Iraq, Russia, Qatar, the UAE and Oman are the largest customers Iranian apples in the region.

Rose Apple Cultivation Areas

Apple tree can grow in any soil that is fertile and at least 1-2 meters deep, but lemon soils that have enough organic matter are more suitable for it.

This product is popular in cold regions of Iran such as Semirom, Urmia, Mashhad and Azerbaijan province and is cultivated organically. The height of different types of apple trees in Iran, considering its base, may be between 0.6 to 3 meters. Iran is a very suitable climate region for planting apple trees in different types with high quality. There are a number of apple producers, but it is the largest producer in the Iran region. Planting apple trees in various high quality varieties throughout Iran, makes this country one of the top producers of this fruit.

Rose Apple Cultivation Areas

Rose Apple harvest Season

The Iranian apple harvest season begins in early October and lasts until the end of June.If the apples are harvested, if there is a suitable time and place to deliver the apples to the market, they are stored and the best storage temperature is 0.5 ° C. Iranian apple is becoming a popular brand.

Among the harvesting methods, I can mention hand picking, mechanical harvesting, hand shaking, computer harvesting (for limited places). Post-harvest operations are the separation of waste from the product, the grading of the product in terms of health, ripeness, small and large and delivery to the factory, preliminary cooling and supply on the package.

Regions supplying the best Roses Apple in Iran

The main market for buying and selling this product is in Damavand, Semirom, Urmia, Oshnoyeh, Sepidan, etc., which has a regional reputation.

Apples are widely distributed in the provinces of Tehran, Karaj, Isfahan, West Azerbaijan and Fars, and after harvest are stored in cold stores in these cities to be offered to the market at the right time to buy and sell apples.

After each harvest, the wholesale market of apples reaches its maximum and Can supply . One of the most important markets for the sale of Iranian apple is the Persian Gulf and Russia.

Regions supplying the best Roses Apple in Iran

The best price of  Rose Apples Iran supply areas

Apple is one of the most popular and widely consumed fruits in the market, so buying and selling apples is considered a thriving business.
The price of apples depends in the first place on the annual production and production cost, if this product is produced more than the market demand, the price of apples will decrease.
Various factors such as apple type, packaging, harvest season, size, color, cultivation area, tree species, labor costs and transportation directly affect the price of apples.
The next factor that has a high impact on the price is the harvest season, usually in the harvest season of this product due to the abundance, the price will be at its lowest.

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