Light Weight Bricks Hyderabad Caused the Separation of Two Friends

Today, in the light weight bricks hyderabad construction industry, it is important to pay attention to the quality and price of raw materials. One of the most important elements in this field is brick.

or clay brick. Before doing anything to reduce current and future costs, it is better to first know the price and dimensions of clay bricks available in the market. You can contact our consultants for more information.

Getting to know the various sizes of clay bricks

20x20x20 and 15x20x20 sizes are the most widely used sizes of clay bricks for exterior walls. Of course, the sizes of these clay bricks are smaller by one to two centimeters in the market.

To use clay bricks in wet or very dry areas, we suggest you to use foamed clay bricks which are available in 15x20x20, 20x20x20 and 15x38x20 dimensions.
It is also recommended for the internal walls of clay bricks with dimensions of 10 cm and 8 cm. If you have limited space, you can use 7 cm or even 5.5 cm clay blades.

This brick is a product of Safal brick factories in Isfahan, which is a suitable substitute for 5.5 cm Lefton bricks.
Isfahan clay bricks have two quality grades, so it is not recommended .

to use second grade clay bricks of this product in wet and rainy areas. The reason for this is rapid dandruff against rain and humidity. Apart from that, grade 2 products do not have perfect .

dimensions and its lower price compared to grade 1 type does not prove its economic feasibility and is not economical.
It is recommended to take advantage of expert advice to be careful and save future costs and get cheap clay bricks in your type of work.

Estimating the number of bricks, blades, pottery, bricks and other types of similar materials required for each square meter of the structure
In this method, the meaning of brick is pressed brick or machine brick or lefton brick (ten holes) with dimensions of

The number of bricks including stringing
Walls and facades are often built using cement sand mortar or cement mortar. At the first look at the view of each wall, you will notice that the surface of the.

wall is not only composed of bricks, and between the bricks (for adhesion or beauty) a small distance of about one centimeter has been implemented.

This distance is called a band in the term of masonry, and in calculating the total number of bricks, we must consider the bands as well. The band is divided into two types.

horizontal and vertical. The thickness of the horizontal band becomes important in the calculations of the number of bricks in the height and the thickness .

of the vertical band in the calculations of the number of bricks along the length of the wall.

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